Ubisoft teases there’s more to come to The Crew, however …

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Ubisoft announced just a mere 6 days ago that The Crew will not receive any major updates on all platforms, however, in their official statement, they claim ‘The Crew has only just begun’, meaning it isn’t over yet. There is so much more to this game that needs to be perfected, added etc. How about real rally racing classes, quads, trikes, boats. How about Canada or Mexico ? Back in TDU (Test Drive Unlimited) and its successor TDU2 we’ve seen major updates, however the support from it’s fake publisher wasn’t all yibbadeeyab.

While Eden Games did a tremendous job pulling TDU1 & TDU2 off, they were held back by the so called Atari US (Infogrames red.) to close down and let the game be the game. With all hell broken in.. We all know what happened there. We also know that lots of gamedev’s from Eden Games now form the Ivory Tower studio, responsible for The Crew. And although there are some issues, mainly connection-wise, it is a very addictive game. Ramteam members play it on PC, PS4 ánd X-360/X-One and enjoy it every minute.

We’ve heard rumours about a new environment dlc, such as a new country or so. There were rumours about Mexico being in development, however it was held back by the Mexican government. No clue what’s true or not. Recalling on TDU1, when TDU2 was released, we didn’t only have Hawaii to cruise on, we also were presented with Ibiza. The Crew gave us the entire US of A.

But after three years of cruising, chilling and racing, most of us would like to see a whole new environment. Canada, with its great mountains and ski resorts, would be just friggin’ epic. Or the entire continent of Australia. Perfect for a Dakar~ish feeling ey ?
Well, Ubisoft has revealed a statement regarding The Crew, which is shown below:

“Since the launch of The Crew in December 2014, an incredible community of passionate players has grown and followed the evolution of the game.
With two expansions, several new PvE and PvP features, a complete graphical upgrade, weather effects, and of course new vehicles to name but a few, we’ve been continuously driven to expand the experience for all our players.
Today we want to inform you that we won’t be releasing any major updates in the coming months, but rest assured that The Crew has only just begun.”

Lets just hope they’ll add more Open World gameplay in 2017 or 2018.

Ramteam Boss