Meet Our Team

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Meet Our Team

Pr1nceHapi (Youri) is the founder of The Ramteam Network.
Starting in 1996 as a ‘hideout’ with friends, TRN has set a name for itself on the planet as a longlasting funclan/network for multiplatform gaming.
Pr1nceHapi was born in the early 80s and still remains as the 1st in charge of the entire network. Pr1nceHapi is a DJ, Producer and Webdesigner and is also the founder of Ramteam Records.

SonicEzio also became a Ramteam member in 2015. SonicEzio, born in the late 90s, is a very well valued member of the network and has been a key member for the Ramteam Console Department. Together with Savantia and Slashter009, he will deliver support and feedback to this department. He’s all into the PS4 and is a true fan of both Sonic the Hedgehog and Assassin’s Creed. SonicEzio is also a DJ and full member of Ramteam Records.

Savantia joined TRN back in 2015. Savantia, also born in the early 80s, is a gamer who loves to play MMO’s and racing games. She became a very valuable member of TRN and requested to take part in the Ramteam Console Department staffgroup, due to her love for Xbox-gaming. Savantia is, together with the other RCD staffmembers, the one that matters !

NekageNL got in touch with TRN members while playing Test Drive Unlimited 2 back in 2011. After cruisin’ and chillin’ several weeks with them, he met with some staff members of TRN. During the following weeks he turned out to be quite a nice guy with lots of potential. He joined TRN and never left. Due to his positive vibes, communication skills and his unprecedented humor, he was given a staff position. Since then, early 2012, he has been a key moderator in the network.

Flyturkish, a mastermind of unprecedented value, met Pr1nceHapi back in 2006.
After several conversations he joined TRN in the late 00s. Following a strict path of what’s to be done, he has given a lot of support and feedback to the network and was promoted from valuable member to moderator in 2011. Due to a very busy personal life, he remains moderator.