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Review: Battlefield 1 Gameplay Review by NL-Chaos [Pre-Alpha]

Hey there, This is a first glance on Battlefield 1 and what we can expect in the new BF-franchise. This review is completely based on the E3 coverage of BF1 Multiplayer video. Things might change when new video footage pop [...]

Review: The futuristic Zalman FPSGun

Hey there, Today I want to talk to you about my mouse. Many people have asked me why in hell I use thís particular mouse. It looks quite futuristic, feels a bit strange at first use, has a strange way [...]

Job positions open !! [read]

Hey there members, visitors, friends and more, The Staff has a couple of positions open for the following tasks: 1] Overall Forum & Website moderator 2] Video & Image Editor (scores, leagues, clanwars etc) 3] Console Department Manager 1] Overall Forum […]


What platform do you desire for gaming ?

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Review: Cryorig H5 Universal

Unboxing Pics Hey there, I recently was gifted a new motherboard, cpu, memory and PC tower by a clanmate. After using a watercooled Core i5 2400 for 6 years in a row, it was time to do an upgrade. It [...]